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Crypto Portfolio Management System

Institutional Grade Crypto 
Portfolio Management System

Crypto Portfolio Management System-tmp- Backup - HedgeGuard

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Organize, track and analyse your portforlio under a comprehensive platform

Organize, Track and Analyze your Crypto portfolios under one comprehensive platform.

Our Crypto Portfolio Management System is used by several Institutional Crypto Participants (Crypto Funds, Platforms and Brokers) to optimize the way they run their crypto portfolios.

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Real-Time & Historical Reporting

Multi Instrument Coverage


Real-Time & Historical Reporting

Real-Time & Historical Reporting

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Multi-Asset Coverage


Position Keeping and Performance analysis across all crypto pairs

Multi-Exchange connectivity

Trade Reconciliation


Track Perpetual Swaps, Futures and Options

Analyze Funding and Trading PnL separately

Monitor Option risk and Greek sensitivities


Track Perpetual Swaps, Futures and Collateral and margin call management

Analyze Funding and Trading PnL separatAbility to track interest payments in crypto or fiat

Track monthly accrued interest, multiple payment and loan dates, issue invoices

Ability to track floating rate notes and baskets of loans

Streamline all your front-to-back operations with a comprehensive Crypto Portfolio Management System.
Your portfolio evolves with new activities to cover? We constantly improve your services and provide modules configured to match your needs.

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