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HedgeGuard Afterwork: revival!

Hedgeguard Insights

HedgeGuard Afterwork: revival!

HedgeGuard clients and partners Afterwork took place on January 23d in Paris.

For this special event, HedgeGuard invited its clients and partners to share information on investment management services, and gave the floor to the French highly promising start ups SESAMm and Research Pool, specialized in Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and big data.

During this special momentum:

  • Imad Warde, CEO of HedgeGuard, came back on 2019 achievements and unveiled its roadmad for 2020,
  • Sylvain Forte, CEO of SESAMm, described how he uses AI and machine learning to leverage financial analysis,
  • Jérôme Matt, Head of Business development at Research Pool, explained how on-demand research analysis can help asset managers stay compliant.

60 industry guests honored us with their presence for this unique momentum.

It was also the perfect place to discuss about financial industry stakes and development perspectives in 2020. 

All the HedgeGuard Parisian team and a part of the Lebanese one attended the event. Indeed, it was the best way to freely discuss with our clients.

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