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Extend your team

Benefit from a dedicated and customer-oriented Hedge fund middle office team.
Our analysts perfectly understand your challenges.
They anticipate your needs and perform all the operational tasks to manage your portfolio. By handling, securing and backing your operations, they become natural extension of you team.

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Our services match your processes

The hedge fund industry is very demanding. We constantly develop processes to ensure the highest quality of services. Our Middle Offices Analysts design them with you and strictly apply the defined workflows.

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Your Benefits


Take advantage of our dedicated
team of highly skilled and
experienced middle office analysts
who can perform all the tasks
needed to manage our portfolio.


Our team is extremely agile, works
hand in hand with you and reflects
your processes. Responsiveness is
at the heart of our business.


Our middle office analysts perfectly
understand your stakes and develop
tailored solution as needed.
We process together to deliver
best-in-class services.

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