Middle Office
outsourcing service

For asset managers and hedge funds looking to focus on their core businesses,
we provide a powerful middle-office outsourcing solution. Let our experienced team manage all your day-to-day operational activities, from confirming and settling trades to reconciling accounts and calculating NAVs. Working in partnership with your prime broker, custodian and administrator, we operate as a natural extension of your investment team. Our middle-office outsourcing service is an efficient and cost-effective option, which allows you to concentrate your resources on managing investment opportunities and growing assets under management.
Trade, cash and fees reconciliation against third parties, moneys and fees management as well as NAV prevalidation.
Three methods approach for NAV calculation: P&L, accounting and share valuation. NAV decomposition.
Daily email reports on activity to fund's key players allowing to track issues and their resolution.
We allow the fund, fund financial auditors or regulators to access all data related to middle-office service.