Pressure to outsource is increasing from both asset managers and their investors. The need to cut costs and focus on strategy over operation details is ever-augmenting.

However, front-office technology and the operations of the Middle Office rarely sit together. The result: a fractured fund without fluidity. With gaps in service level and understanding, funds are left with an untailored service, unable to answer the specific needs of the fund. We’re changing the game – combining an expert Middle Office team with perfect-fit PMS technology.

We give you the ability to succeed and raise AUM at pace

Our Middle Office team speaks your language. We were born within the industry: we understand your fund from all sides, from the demands of investors to the obsession with alpha. We have the perspective, financial understanding and in-depth experience to ask the right questions to allow you to thrive.

Success demands symmetry of service

The HedgeGuard Middle Office team work in parallel with you and create symmetry between the way you work and those that surround the operations of your fund. This removes the friction that comes from differing levels of knowledge, focus and financial understanding.

We manage all your day-to-day operational activities, including:

  • confirming trades
  • settling trades
  • reconciling accounts
  • calculating NAVs
  • interacting with your prime broker, custodian and administrator
  • meeting investors during DD processes (where required)


We blend these service to operate as a natural extension of your investment team. Each Middle Officer is an expert in the HedgeGuard PMS, ensuring a perfect alignment of the front office with middle office operations.

The result: the power to focus on strategy and streamline operations.

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