Unlocking the power
of HedgeGuard®

The implementation of a new solution within a company is a complex step that needs to be carried out effectively. Implementation procedures are entirely handled by HedgeGuard Financial Software. The HedgeGuard® implementation team assists users to customise their work environment to adapt HedgeGuard® according to their needs. After having carried out implementations within various asset management companies with diverse types of strategies, the HedgeGuard® implementation team is well rounded to provide effective advices when for a successful transition management. The team is double-skilled, technical and financial. These qualifications guarantee a quick and full understanding of your needs, hence their entire satisfaction. The implementation of HedgeGuard®, included in the price, is carried out in the company’s offices to facilitate the integration of the software with the existing infrastructure.
Ongoing support
and guidance

For all new users of HedgeGuard®, we provide onsite installations where we can set up and integrate our technology within your existing infrastructure. As well as giving your full guidance on how to use the software we will also help you customise the look and feel of the interface, and add and remove features to suit your particular investment strategy.
Ongoing support
Expert help
when you need it

At HedgeGuard Financial Software, we develop software that is easy and enjoyable to use. We also understand how important it is to the success of your fund that our technology is reliable. So if something is not working the way you want or if you have any questions we are always on hand to help. Simply contact our support desk by email or phone. Our highly trained and experience technical team will be able to resolve any issues you may have.
Research and development
Expertise in portfolio
management technology

HedgeGuard Financial Software was founded in 2006 by a team of investment professionals with experience of creating and using portfolio management software. Our remit is to develop powerful technology for portfolio managers, which is both easy and enjoyable to use. We are guided by these principles in everything we do, which means listening to user community in order to develop the software in the right ways and delivering a first-class support service. We are an independent company and majority owned by our employees.<br/>
HedgeGuard Financial Software is committed to ongoing research and development in order to keep our software at the cutting edge of portfolio management technology. We release all new versions of HedgeGuard® to all users at the same time and provide ongoing support and advice so that you can take advantage of any new features.