Seamlessly integrated technology solutions

Align your services with a leading team
At HedgeGuard Financial Software we have designed all our technology solutions with the flexibility to adapt to the existing infrastructure of all types of investment managers. As a result, our software solutions integrate seamlessly with any existing systems they already have in place.
We work well with a range of outsourced service providers, including prime brokers, fund administrators, custodians and mainstream data suppliers. By collaborating closely with these organisations, we allow funds to manage all their operations effectively and efficiently through a modern business infrastructure.
HedgeGuard Financial Software is always looking to form strategic partnerships with other leading firms in the fund management industry so that we can offer additional services to our clients. Please contact us for more information about our products and to explore ways of working together.
Créée en 2015, BeeAM est une société de service et de partenariats dédiée aux sociétés de gestion. Elle fait le lien entre les sociétés de gestion, les partenaires référencés et offre une approche originale et innovante en matière de développement des entreprises de l’asset management. BeeAM propose des offres modulables en matière de dépositaire, middle/back office, contrôle des risques, distribution commerciale, conseil juridique et communication. Son équipe dirigeante, ses valeurs et ses savoir-faire font de BeeAM votre partenaire privilégié au quotidien.
Contact presse : Jérôme Coirier , Co-fondateur, 01 42 65 87 40 – <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
AGAMA Conseil
AGAMA Conseil is an independent consulting firm whose mission is to support sustainably asset management companies, private investment advisers and providers of investment services in the areas of regulatory compliance, internal control and the functional and operational organization.
NExT AM and NewAlpha AM constitutes  the incubation center of the La Française Group.
It aims at being an active partner for the incubated companies and offers investors access to the best startups of the asset management industry through a wide range of models, product and services. For over 10 years, NExT AM and NewAlpha AM participated in the development of 50 companies providing € 1.3 billion "seed money."
Alternative Investment Management Association
The AIMA provides an interactive and professional forum for their members and act as a catalyst and promoter of the industry’s global development. It aims at developing sound practices, enhance industry transparency and education, and liaising  with the wider financial community, institutional investors, the media, regulators, governments and other policy makers.
French Asset Management Association (Association Française de la Gestion Financière – AFG)
The AFG represents and promotes the interests of the French asset management industry, both for collective and for discretionary portfolio management. Their members include all market participants working for individual investors or collective investment schemes.