Powerful portfolio
attribution software

Measure and monitor fund performance

HedgeGuard® is a modern and powerful performance attribution solution with an interface that is easy and enjoyable to use. Designed by a team with hands-on experience of the issues challenging today’s investment businesses, HedgeGuard® meets all your needs for measuring and analysing investment returns.
HedgeGuard® is an increasingly attractive choice for both existing and start-up funds. Designed with your specific needs and challenges in mind, our market-leading software is a comprehensive solution for measuring performance and risk and generating bulk reports. Additionally, HedgeGuard® integrates seamlessly into your existing technology architecture as well as with all main data providers.
Measure and monitor fund performance
Discover what
is driving your returns

HedgeGuard® provides comprehensive information about investment performance so you can understand what is driving returns. Check and compare NAVs for all share classes and calculate composite performance figures in line with industry standards. Create a range of other measures including Jenson, Sharpe, Sortino and Treynor ratios as well as customised calculations.
HedgeGuard® is fully compatible with traditional and alternative funds across all asset classes. Additionally, it handles all types of securities and derivatives including options, futures, swaps and forwards.
Monitor risk
Meet all regulatory
compliance requirements

Discover and monitor the risks in your investment strategy using a full range of statistics including tracking error, volatility, skewness and maximum drawdowns over defined periods. Check all stocks in your portfolio, and set automatic email alerts for any compliance breaches.
HedgeGuard® allows you to explore how your portfolio would react to changing market conditions and identify events that could cause extreme losses. Select the risk factors you want to test under any scenario and across any period.
Pre-defined templates help you produce reports that are in line with standards required by your local regulatory authority.
Generate reports
Gain full control
over the reporting process

Retrieve all the information you want from any platform to create bulk and customised reports for funds and managed accounts in multiple languages. Export the information in a range of formats including pdf, Excel, html and rtf. Use line, pie and bubble charts to display data in visually attractive ways.
HedgeGuard®’s rich functionality allows you to manage your reporting production schedule efficiently. Produce a high volume of reports in any detail without compromising data quality. Customise features to suit the way you work including the ability to automate the most common processes.
HedgeGuard® allows you to provide a superior service to your investors and other stakeholders. Accurate and up-to-date reports about your fund help you manage your investor relations activities effectively.