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Cash Management System

Control your cash balance,
optimize the use of your assets

Cash Management System - HedgeGuard - Portfolio Management System


Our Cash and treasury Management System enables you to control your cash positions and forecast but also your cash requirements. You can replicate and manage all the cash accounts of your funds and get a comprehensive view or all your positions and assets. As a result, you are able to react instantaneously to market changes.

Best in class Cash management system| Hedgeguard

Key features

HedgeGuard cash management system
takes into account:

  • Subscriptions and redemptions
  • Margin calls
  • Deposits, account to account movements

  • All types of fees : broker fees, retrocessions, management fees, incentive fees, amortized fees, funding fees
  • Trades (at settlement or trade date)
  • Dividends and coupons, credit equalization

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