The home of ambition

The asset management industry is an ultra-competitive business. The ability to win big, raise AUM and generate returns is the mission of the ambitious. To do that you will need access to the tools, knowledge and background necessary to create market leading returns. We empower you to realise your investment management ambitions. We create an opportunity for those to whom returns mean more than the scale of the operation, where focus on strategy means more than size of in-house teams.

We know that winning requires hyper-focus

We give you access to smart operational minds and a base of perfect-fit technology. We ask the right questions as part of one team. You focus on the strategy to generate alpha, we bring the expertise to operationalise the fund, putting meritocracy right at the centre of the investment management playing field.

We were born within the industry

We understand your fund from all sides, from the demands of investors to the obsession with alpha. We have experience dealing with the challenges faced by investment management firms, from the demands of investors to the fixation on alpha. We consider agile relationships to be the foundation of fluidity. As a people-first solution, this is echoed in every product and service we build.