The DNA of our Portfolio Management Software

Our technology is imbued with the expertise and knowledge of our team. Our Portfolio Management Software is a full front-to-back solution that encapsulates the experience our team has accumulated on the buy side. We have run funds and have in-depth understanding of the challenges.

As strategies develop and funds grow, a PMS needs to fit. Our technology is built by solution architects who know what matters. That’s why our software remains flexible and user-friendly, providing everything needed to run a fund while responding quickly to each portfolio manager’s needs.

The Details

A cloud-based software solution that provides portfolio managers with a full front-to-back solution.

HedgeGuard® allows you to calculate your fund’s net asset value, manage your exposures and track your P&L – all in real time. It also provides frequent and regular reconciliations to match assets and cash between custodian banks, administrators and your management company.

Portfolio views are fully customisable: organise your portfolio by strategies, sectors, asset classes or portfolio manager. All this while maintaining the structure and coherence of information.

Key Features:

  • IBOR providing a real-time view of positions independent of Back Office accounting systems
  • Exposures, PnL and date to date contributions calculated in real time
  • Shadow NAV for multi-share class funds including subscription/redemptions, cash balance management and all type of fees calculation
  • Flexible and user friendly “Three Level View”: Strategy, Position, Line
  • Fully customisable views allowing portfolio aggregation and drill-down capabilities

The HedgeGuard PMS includes a fully integrated Order Management System. Our OMS encompasses centralised order and transaction management technology, allowing you to manage orders across various funds simultaneously.

You can also take real-time trading decisions across multiple asset classes and strategies. Our OMS provides all the facilities required for entering and allocating orders to multiple accounts from your trading blotter, and can be integrated fully with Bloomberg’s EMSX platform. It also allows you to simulate orders quickly and easily for model portfolios.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive security coverage on one single platform
  • Automatically generate and route orders through Bloomberg EMSX
  • Fast order simulation and easy multi-portfolio modeling
  • Pre-trade and post-trade compliance checks
  • Automatically send allocations to multiple accounts from the trading blotter

The HedgeGuard PMS allows you to control you risk – in real time. From monitoring risk measures such VaR, producing bespoke risk reports or running stress-tests; our dedicated risk management module delivers a comprehensive view of your risk exposures across your portfolio.

Key Features:

  • Monitor risk and performance measures in real time: Fund vs Benchmark,
  • Value At RiSk, volatility, Sharp, Sortino, correlation, Alpha, Beta etc..
  • Run various stress-tests across portfolios and funds
  • Simulate Trades and associated Portfolio Risks
  • User defined variations applied to risk factors
  • Real time notifications and alerts

The HedgeGuard PMS allows you to manage all in-house and regulatory compliance restrictions, both on a pre and post trade basis. Our multi-level audit functionality also allows you to meet the requirements of financial regulators in the areas of compliance and internal controls.

Our Rules Generator module allows you to define the rules framework of your fund, for example UCITS or your own bespoke rules.

Key Features:

  • Centralised and organised real-time view of investment compliance operations
  • Fully customisable compliance rule builder
  • Run compliance checks on a pre-trade, post-trade mode and End of Day mode
  • Generate pre-set (e.g UCITS) or own bespoke rules
  • User right and Audit trail management

Provide accurate, transparent and timely information to both regulators and investors through our reporting module.

Key Features:

  • Open reporting system, fully flexible and customisable
  • Easily set-up reporting templates for investors and regulators
  • Run real time contribution analysis and custom PnL aggregation
  • Access all stored data through webservices

Perfect-fit technology with agility and flexibility at its core

HedgeGuard’s Portfolio Management Software was created from the buy-side and built from within a hedge fund. To thrive in this industry, flexibility and customisation are essential. Capability to pass investor due diligence requirements is also key, which is why these are woven into the HedgeGuard PMS. From portfolio management to compliance reporting and managed account settlements, our perfect-fit PMS system provides managers with all the tools necessary to run their funds with agility and efficiency.

Used by the best managers out there.

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