intuitive INTUITIVE
HedgeGuard® is easy and enjoyable to use. It operates within Microsoft Excel and you can customise features to suit the way you want to work.
trusted TRUSTED
Used successfully by a growing number of start-up and established investment management businesses across all traditional and alternative strategies.
reliable RELIABLE
We provide ongoing technical support along with continuous product development in line with feedback from our user community.
flexible FLEXIBLE
No hidden charges and pricing plans to suit the size and complexity of your operations as you grow assets under management.
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Manage orders in realtime across various funds simultaneously while remaining MIFID compliant at all times. HedgeGuard® is already interfaced with multiple counterparties, custodians and administrators. You can easily simulate orders and model portfolios.
Calculate your fund’s NAV in real time. Get frequent reconciliations to match assets and cash between custodians, administrators and your management company, manage your exposures, P&L and historical reporting requirements across any time period.
Meet all your regulatory requirements regarding market risk and counterparty risk, while remaining able to respond to the due diligence process. You can calculate value at risk and perform stress tests.
AIFMD have increased your reporting requirements. HedgeGuard® allows you to create reports providing accurate information and clear communications to your investors and regulatory bodies.