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Middle Office Outsourcing

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works out the rest

Middle Office Outsourcing - HedgeGuard - Seasoned middle-officers


Extend your team, boost your activity with our Hedge fund Middle Office Outsourcing Service

Our Middle Office team speaks your language. We were born within the industry: we understand your fund from all sides, from your operational requirements to your investors’ expectations. We become your day to day partner, we evolve with you to always respond to your needs. As an extension of your team, we back your operations to let you focus on generating alpha.

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« HedgeGuard brought a unique combination of PMS and middle-office services that perfectly complements our operations. »
Guillaume Dermer, Metori

Our Middle Office Outsourcing Service

Your day to day operations under control

Our team will manage all operational tasks of your fund. From intermediating with your market counterparties to reconciling and challenging data. Key areas are covered to enable your team to focus on your trading.

Secure your operations with our dedicated team

Each of our Middle Officers is an expert, ensuring a seamless alignment of your Front Office with our Middle Office. The result: the power to focus on strategy and streamline operations.

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Cash Management

  • Counterparty Cash Account Reconciliation
  • Fees accrual and interest calculation
  • Subscription and redemptions booking
  • Independent calculation of margin requirements
  • Subscription and redemptions integration
  • Receivables and payables reconciliation
  • Bills and invoices reconcilation

Trade Management

  • Trade confirmation reconciliation
  • Trade transmission & settlement Follow-up
  • Portfolio Position Reconciliation
  • Corporate Action Booking

Nav Management

  • Independent Fund Valuation
  • Real-time Shadow NAV Calculations
  • NAV Reconciliation (Fund and Share Class Level) and pre-validation
  • Fees reconciliation (management, performance and administrative fees)

We generate personalized reports

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Our services match your process

Hedge Fund system: Middle Office outsourcing tools

Each of our Middle Officer is an expert, ensuring a seamless alignment of your Front Office with our Middle Office. The result: the power to focus on strategy and streamline operations.

The hedge fund industry is very demanding. We constantly develop processes to ensure the highest quality of services. Our Middle Offices Analysts design them with you and strictly apply the defined workflows.

Our customers at the heart of our operations

Our Middle Office Analysts perfectly understand your stakes and develop tailored solution as needed. We process together to deliver best-in-class services.

By choosing HedgeGuard Middle Office outsourcing solution, you benefit from a dedicated and customer-oriented Hedge Fund middle office team.

Our analysts anticipate your needs and perform all the operational tasks to manage your portfolio. By handling, securing and backing your operations, they become natural extension of you team.

Your Benefits

Leverage our middle office team’s
operational experience

Our head of middle office assists you during advanced stages of investor due diligence meetings.

Facilitate your relationships with Third Parties

Benefit from a comprehensive tripartite reconciliation between your Administrators, Custodians and Hedgeguard.

Streamline your processes with our experts

Operations is our domain of
expertise. We help you design, optimize and implement your own processes.

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