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Position Keeping

Track your positions in real time,
facilitate your investment choices

Portfolio Management System : Position keeping - HedgeGuard


position keeping screenshot

Key features

An effective and intuitive interface

  • Simulations: make pre-trade simulation on position and integrate simulations within risk analysis
  • Real-Time exposure and P&L: you may choose to take into account pending trades and orders
  • Real-time updates: trades and market data are updated in real-time
  • Drill down capability: within aggregated line items, you can check the details of each position
  • Flexible P&L reporting period: Daily P&L, month to date P&L, year to date P&L, and P&L relative to multiple benchmarks
  • Real-time notifications: receive alerts highlighting new trades added to your portfolios or market data updated by other users.

All the information of your portfolio on a single screen

Access to a fully customizable three level view of your portfolio (strategy, position and line related to the financial instrument) sorted with multi-criteria (sector currency, country, security type, issuer, rating…)

An highly configurable platform

  • Multiple Personalized Views: view your P&L across multiple positions, strategies and books
  • Custom Aggregation Criteria: define your own aggregation methods to handle your views
  • Personalized layout: columns can be configured according to personal preferences and layout templates allow you to access business functions with one single click, to maximize productivity
  • Personalized speed button: define the speed of your button

Our position keeping interface provides you with comprehensive information about the overall positions of your portfolios. Simulate pre-trade, analyze real time exposure and P&L to enhance your investment decisions.

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