HedgeGuard has roots that extend deeply into the Asset Management industry. We were founded in 2006 with the ambition to build a portfolio management solution with a difference.

With backgrounds in both the sell and buy side we have a unique ability to understand funds from all angles. We wanted to create a technology and company that answered all the challenges that we faced. Fresh perspective remains core to who we are today. We are constantly learning, adapting and evolving to meet and preempt unprecedented industry demands.

  • Angel Kumul

    Angel Kumul

    Middle Officer
  • Azim Fazal Varakhwala

    Azim Fazal Varakhwala

    Business Development
  • Christophe de la Celle

    Christophe de la Celle

    Head of UK Office
  • David Fernandes

    David Fernandes

    Head of Operations
  • Imad Wardé

    Imad Wardé

  • Omar Salameh

    Omar Salameh

    CFO and Head of Beirut Office
  • Salman Doueihy

    Salman Doueihy

    Middle Office Analyst
  • Sarah Amram

    Sarah Amram

    Administrative Manager
  • Youssef Zemmama

    Youssef Zemmama

    Product Specialist
  • Joël Pinto

    Joël Pinto

  • Jean-Marc Battesti

    Jean-Marc Battesti

    Product Manager
  • Michel Saab

    Michel Saab

    Middle Office Team Leader
  • Dalila Allam

    Dalila Allam

    Senior Product Specialist
  • Kriss Moukarzel

    Kriss Moukarzel

    Middle Office Team Leader
  • Marc Mehanna

    Marc Mehanna

    Middle Office Analyst
  • Abed Al Rahman Itani

    Abed Al Rahman Itani

    Software Developer
  • Jhonny El Helou

    Jhonny El Helou

    Software Developer
  • Mohamad-Walid Zein

    Mohamad-Walid Zein

    Software Developer
  • Marwa El Ghali

    Marwa El Ghali

    Software Developer
  • Alaa El Hariri

    Alaa El Hariri

    Software Developer
  • Abdo Younes

    Abdo Younes

    Middle Office Analyst
  • Céline Menassa

    Céline Menassa

    Middle Office Analyst
  • Georges Yammine

    Georges Yammine

    Middle Office Analyst
  • Muhamad Khatib

    Muhamad Khatib

    Middle Office Analyst
  • Yara Sleiman

    Yara Sleiman

    Middle Office Analyst
  • Shereen Hachem

    Shereen Hachem

    Middle Office Analyst
  • Khadija Fourati

    Khadija Fourati

    Business Analyst
  • Saymone Um

    Saymone Um

    Infrastructure & IT