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Reporting & Analytics

Monitor your portfolio with
on-demand reports

Portfolio Management System | Reporting | HedgeGuard


Our Reporting & Analytics module provides you with a comprehensive set of reporting tools:
custom query builders, charts, smart report builder based on non stored data, hypercube and pivot-tables.
You can design the reports you need to fit investors’ requirements but also create customized reports to monitor your KPIs.

HedgeGuard Portfolio management system: reporting

Comprehensive dashboard fully configurable

Customized reports can be designed by « Business Object » type software

Pre-formatted investors’ reports

Key features

Our reporting & analytics module allows you to build analysis and reports taking into account:

  • Live performance contribution from any selected date.
  • Custom PNL contribution aggregation.
  • Comprehensive performance attribution management based on fund’s administrator data.
  • Derivatives pricing and Greek analysis
  • Your Fund vs benchmark risk analysis with a comprehensive set of performance measures: Volatility, Sharpe and Sortino Ratios, Correlation, Alpha, Beta…

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