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Qredo is a cross-chain liquidity protocol for the tracking and settlement of digital assets that solves the security risk of centralized private key management.

By securing digital assets on a decentralized consensus-driven MPC network, Qredo eliminates the need to pre-fund wallets on exchanges, unlocking a multitude of benefits that include access to DeFi and prime brokerage services with no counterparty or credit risk.

Qredo’s protocol was created specifically for institutional investors in capital markets and offers a secure route into the digital asset ecosystem, enabling market participants to extend trade credit to each other based on the value of the assets stored in their self-managed or custodial wallet.

Together, Qredo and Hedgeguard support institutional access to digital assets, unlocking several key benefits:
Broadcast liquidity to network members without needing to lock, commit, or pre-fund digital assets to exchange wallets.
Harness cross-chain liquidity to trade strategies not previously possible with crypto assets, including complex arbitrage across multiple blockchains and counterparties.
Get rewarded with yield for supplying digital assets to liquidity pools.
Make instant payments and take delivery of digital assets with no counterparty risk.
Eliminate the threat of theft with decentralized custody secured by multi-party computation (MPC).

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