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Insights about a Crypto Hedge Fund strategy with Light AI

During the ParisBlockchainWeekSummit which took place in Paris, Station F, from 16th to 17th April, Luigi Li Calzi, Managing Director at Light AI gave us insights about his Crypto Hedge Fund’s strategy,

Light AI is an investment management company, based in the US, that develops proprietary machine learning algorithms in pursuit of absolute returns.

As Luigi Li Calzi explains, “Great opportunities are emerging from the crypto winter”.
We can notice a growing interest in crypto coming from both institutional investors and general population.
This interest combined with performing technology can give birth to specific hedge funds in the crypto world. Light AI is one of them.

Luigi defines Light AI as a group of mathematicians, soft engineers and portfolio managers who saw great opportunities in the crypto space and decided to create a hedge-fund. They built algorithms, infrastructure and automate their processes and are now able to trade live!

For more details, discover the full interview.

Crypto Hedge Fund strategy with Light AI