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Exoé and HedgeGuard strenghten their relationship!

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Exoé partnership

Exoé and HedgeGuard strenghten their relationship!

Press Release / Exoé partnership

The outsourced execution table Exoé and HedgeGuard have strengthened their collaboration.

The adventure started more than 5 years ago when HedgeGuard, in a phase of strong growth, wanted to allow its clients to connect to a high performance execution table.

Today, links have been strengthened with the extension of the categories of assets treated to fixed income and derivatives.

“Strengthening our partnership was a necessity! says Fidel Martin, president of Exoé.

Our companies are complementary to serve our common customers. The work carried out for several years allows them to benefit from simple and rapid integration thanks to a completely transparent architecture. Obviously, the “front-to-back” service allows fund managers to better control and become more efficient in regulatory compliance with best execution practice. “

“It is an extraordinary time saver for the end customer who does not have to manage the relations between his two solution providers: the service therefore starts from onboarding with a quality service and a professional infrastructure, for costs and reduced deadlines, ” outlines Yannick Nabrin, CIO of Exoé.

“Our clients, mainly hedge funds and asset managers, are looking for counterparts capable of interfacing as easily as possible with their management system. Exoé, thanks to its flexibility, is the perfect solution for the most part. That’s why we decided to go even further in our developments”, said David Fernandes, Head of operations at HedgeGuard.

This partnership results from a close collaboration between our two teams who have shared their expertise and agile methods in a particularly complex context. “The resulting alchemy allowed us deliver the project on time,” said Youssef Zemmama, project manager for HedgeGuard.

Today, this connection provides benefits to several common clients.

About Exoé
Exoé is an independent investment company, founded in 2006, approved and regulated by the ACPR and the AMF. As an external trading table, Exoé offers its professional clients teams and asset management systems to centralize and simplify the execution of orders on all asset classes and geographic areas, in complete transparency.
The services implemented allow better liquidity, perfect traceability and complete reporting for increased compliance with regulations and better execution.
The spirit of service and proximity of Exoé allows its customers to rely on a passionate partner to focus on their core business.

About HedgeGuard

For almost 10 years, HedgeGuard has been developing portfolio management solutions for hedge funds and asset managers. Today, its unique combination of services allows managers to manage, control and develop their portfolio through:
– a configurable front-to-back portfolio management system 
– an outsourced Middle Office service
HedgeGuard has used its software experience to develop a robust cryptographic portfolio management system, adopted by a growing number of crypto funds, including Napoleon X as well as Frijt Capital in Europe and JST in the United States. Find out how HedgeGuard simplifies portfolio management:

Do you want to learn more about HedgeGuard and its unique offering, or do you want to meet us? Just contact us!