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One Week One Tech: meet HedgeGuard

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One Tech One Week with HedgeGuard

One Week One Tech: meet HedgeGuard

HedgeGuard has been invited by the consulting firm Périclès Group  and took the opportunity to  unveil its roadmap during the One Tech One Week series. 

David Fernandes, Head of Operations at HedgeGuard explained the content of HedgeGuard unique offering and also detailed upcoming projects by responding to Belkacem Berrahal, Senior consultant Senior at Pericles.

“Regarding the cryptographic landscape, we intend to integrate a brokerage activity very soon and also a Direct Market Access into our solution”, explains David. “This will help Portfolio Managers to exchange crypto assets directly without having to connect to exchanges while benefiting from the best execution” details David. 

We would like to warmly thank the entire Pericles team but also Finance Innovation for giving us the opportunity to share our vision and our projects.

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