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Portfolio Management Software: 3 sectors that benefited most from

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Portfolio Management Software: 3 sectors that benefited most from

Jenny Chang, Senior writer at FinancesOnline, shares her view about the Portfolio Management Software landscape

Whether used to unite the front and middle office or to track a broad array of finances that come with stakeholders’ disparate needs and requests, portfolio management software has helped countless organizations operate more efficiently and achieve a higher rate of success. 

This year, global accounting organization KPMG Global expects to see an increase in asset managers who rely on technology such as cloud enablement to unleash new levels of agility, value, and productivity when it comes to portfolio management. 

Industry leaders, on the other hand, will focus on strategies that improve the integration across the back, middle and front offices, which will lead to powerful market advantages, the elimination of process roadblocks and redundancies as well as the maximization of technology. 

As portfolio management tools become a trend, let’s take a look at four sectors that were ahead of their time and reaped benefits from using a reliable portfolio management software. 


with a Portfolio Management Software

 Investment industry

Portfolio management in the investment sector is the art of maximizing investments’ projected return with an ample level of risk exposure. It involves the allocation of assets, the careful spreading of risk and reward and rebalancing. Much like every good artist, every portfolio manager needs good investment management tools to perfect their craft. 

For those on the buy side of the investment community, particularly those working with hedge funds, asset management, and family offices or those planning to develop a crypto hedge fund strategy, a portfolio management system comes extremely handy. 

With essential features like position keeping, risk management, and order management, it effectively answers to the common challenges faced by portfolio managers. The best portfolio management software gives you on-demand reporting and multi-level views that result in an investment management system with high versatility. 

 Moreover, it creates a perfect harmony between an organization’s front office and operational teams. As an added bonus, some portfolio management software solutions also offer training and insights via webinars, live and in-person sessions. 

 2. Portfolio Management Software in the Insurance industry

Similarly, the insurance industry is also plagued with challenges that originate from shifting demographics, low-interest rates, rising competition as well as new regulatory initiatives. This is where a good portfolio management system comes in. Offering comprehensive cross-asset coverage across major assets, a full package of compliance and limit checks, future-forward reporting, seamless integration, and optimal workflow, among others, it’s hard for portfolio managers in the insurance industry to turn down such technology.

Not only is portfolio management software for advisors. If you have a handful of bank accounts or a thick 401k from previous jobs, then obtaining one can help you stay on top of your finances.

3. Portfolio Management Software in the Real Estate industry  

As we head towards a new age where the definition of real estate becomes broader, ground knowledge and networks to superior investment opportunities won’t be enough to become a leader in real estate investment. The implementation of commendable investment management tools is now necessary when it comes to managing sizeable income-producing properties. Although there is a wide range of dependable portfolio management software that can be used to foster the growth of real estate portfolios, platforms that specialize in overseeing real estate portfolios are also available in the market. 

Providing assistance with information regarding leasing, finance, and even accounting operations, the right portfolio management software enables portfolio managers to make more well-informed decisions since they have enhanced visibility on their real estate investments. Furthermore, incorporating a portfolio management system reduces the risk of errors as well as potential risk in data collection and analysis—a sure win for the sector’s portfolio managers. 

Marketing is also concerned!
Portfolio management software saves the day when companies choose to use a customer portfolio management approach to determine the value of their customers. By dividing customers into portfolios, a business can gain a better understanding of each customer’s value to the company’s total profit. This strategy helps them to define what is a prospect and retain high value customers via relationship development. As per Forbes, making a sale is all about building relationships, beginning from the first interaction with the customer. This includes looking at an advertisement that prompts them to make the next step: purchase. Now more than ever, marketing and sales departments need to implement this approach and along with it, a reliable portfolio management system. 


Because of its wide range of features and its ability to improve core operations, acquiring portfolio management system has now become essential for businesses that target investment growth and winning integration of office services. 

While manual methods of portfolio management remain, a lot of effort is wasted on time-consuming processes that surround it, and we all know that overseeing investments is not a joke. Obtaining a portfolio management software gives you a bird’s eye view of your financial profile, boosts your performance, and secures your operations, thereby giving you an edge over your competitors. 


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